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Cultural adaptation of the Mothers and Babies Course for rural women in Sub-Saharan Africa


In collaboration with Catholic Relief Services (CRS), Dr. Le adapted the Mothers and Babies Course for pregnant women and mothers with children under age 2, based on input from informant interviews with staff and perinatal women. Pregnant women, postpartum mothers with their infants, and other caregivers (e.g., grandmothers) participate in the Mothers and Babies Course alongside an intervention focused on early childhood development.  These interventions take place in the Neighbor Women’s Groups in the women’s respective villages in Kenya, Tanzania, and recently, Ghana. Preliminary findings indicate positive reductions in maternal depression and uptake of early stimulation behaviors. See also:

Prevention of perinatal depression in women in Spain: An international collaboration

Project Goal: To examine the feasibility of integrating screening for prenatal depression and evaluating the Mothers and Babies Course as a preventive intervention for depression for pregnant high-risk women in two-hospital clinics in Madrid and Oviedo, Spain. This work was initially funded by the GWU’s Global Women’s Institute. Also, see

Investigators: Dr. Mimi Le, Dr. Maria Fe Rodríguez Muñoz, Dr. Christina Soto-Balbuena 

Early Childhood Innovation Network (ECIN) study

Professor Le is collaborating as a research consultant with the Early Childhood Innovation Network on one of their innovations projects, examining the feasibility of integrating mental health in centering pregnancy. 


The Global Perinatal Sleep (GPS) Survey Study

Sleep in Pregnancy and Postpartum (SLIPP) Study

The Moderating Role of Resilience Resources in the Association Between Stressful Life Events and Symptoms of Postpartum Depression (Master's Thesis)

  • Student Researcher: Melissa Julian 

  • Project Goal: To examine the moderating role of resilience resources (dispositional optimism, spirituality and religiosity, and mastery) in the relationship between stressful life events experienced during pregnancy and symptoms of postpartum depression early in the postpartum period. This master’s thesis project uses secondary data collected as part of the HB3 study, a longitudinal study that examined several biological, psychological, obstetric, and developmental predictors and outcomes among women and their babies throughout pregnancy and up to one year postpartum, led by Principal Investigators at UCLA and UC Colorado Springs. 



Understanding Healthcare Providers' Perspectives on Perinatal Depression and Perinatal Mental Health Services in Rural Kenya

  • Student Researcher: Kantoniony Rabemananjara  

  • Project Goal: This qualitative study seeks to gain the perspectives of healthcare providers (HCP) on Perinatal Depression (PD) and related mental health services to help inform the development of a screening program and interventions for PD in a new prenatal clinic in rural Kenya. 



Poster Presentation

Second-year clinical psychology doctoral student, Melissa Julian, presented her Second Year Project about resilience resources on postpartum depression at the Marce of North America (MONA) Perinatal Mental Health Conference in October 2019

Second-year clinical psychology doctoral student, Melissa Julian, presented research findings at the Marce of North America