The Mothers and Babies Course (MB Course)

The MB Course is a cognitive-behavioral intervention designed to reduce the onset of major depressive episode and to improve maternal and child functioning in high risk, low-income Spanish- and English-speaking women. This is based on an intervention developed by Muñoz, Ghosh-Ippen, Le, Lieberman, Diaz, & La Plante (2001a). View the twelve-week version of the instructor and participant manual at the i4Health Program.

These manuals are available for use for free.  Before downloading these manuals, please send us an email to [email protected] with your contact information, including name, institution, and email address, which version you are downloading, and how you plan to use them at your site.  Thank you.

To review the 12 session MB manuals, click here


For a list of commonly used Depression Measures, go to i4Health Program.